Hi! I’m Kaylee.

A photographer based in Missouri. I’m a lover of cereal, sweet tea (how midwest of me), and binge watching Youtube videos about organizing. A while back I chose the name “Creativekaylee” as my Webkinz username and have used it for everything since, and it’s just kind of stuck. So let me introduce myself again… Hi! I’m Creative Kaylee, an art fanatic who is always creating. From shooting weddings to senior portraits to designing branding for different businesses, I love what I have the privilege to do as my job and I’m so honored to welcome you to my little corner of the internet.

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What I’m About…

Photography for me has really been about the people. I’ve gotten to meet and get to become friends with the most amazing ones. That connection, that friendship; really makes the photographs. I am here to capture who you are, not fit you into a mold. I can promise you, no one is bad at taking photos. I’m here to create with you and capture your story, and make you FEEL. Consider your time with me a date and I’ll be the third wheel. Or consider it a wild adventure, me being your personal hype man. It’s going to be a blast.

I shoot in a documentary style that allows you to just b r e a t h e.

Let me capture you how you are.

These are images that story tell. That spread joy.

That are truly you