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My Why


Photography for me has really been about the people. I’ve gotten to meet and get to become friends with the most amazing ones. That connection, that friendship; really makes the photographs. I am here to capture who you are, not fit you into a mold. I’m here to create with you and capture your story; to help you FEEL. Consider your time with me a date and I’ll be the third wheel. Or consider it a wild adventure, me being your personal hype man.

From the minute you inquire, it is my main goal to make you feel like a million bucks right up until I’m dancing to “Yeah!” by Usher at your reception or watching you go off to college. And for years to come after that. You’re not just booking some random photographer. You are booking a friend who is going to support you, serve you, and provide you with images that will help you remember your day for what it truly was.

You want someone who is going to capture images that showcase just how special your story is. Someone who will capture the way you look at your love, the way your family sheds a tear at your ceremony, the way you felt - joy, excitement, stillness, partying, your personality and all of your biggest smiles - all of it, I want you to remember and to feel for the rest of your days. Let’s get you those photographs.

I’m showing up as a friend that will make sure that happens. 




About Me


Photographer websites just feel like online dating profiles these days. We all are really trying to find our matches, haha! Well… let’s see if we’d be a good fit! (that was cringey, I’m sorry). I’m a twenty one year old girl who loves to dance, organize, and do all things creative, especially photography. It’s a joy to spend my days loving on seniors, couples, and families. Photographing such special times in peoples’ lives is something I don’t take lightly.

I’ve loved everything creative for my entire life, but within the past six years, I’ve fallen in love with photographing people. Gosh, the feeling of being there for the first look between a bride and groom and crying along with them, to supporting these seniors with friendship and saying “I’m here for you”, to laughing along with families, is what gets me up and moving.

What also really gets me “Up and Moving” is dancing along to the best reception songs with you (which are Ignition, How Sweet It Is, and anything Michael Jackson; put them on your reception playlist and I’ll be dancing right along with you).

Taking photographs of the most amazing people is a true joy. I cannot wait to continue creating with so many more! With that being said…


Here’s how to join the fun!

Step One

Step One

You stalk my website and accounts and get a feel for what I offer and my approach to photography. If you like what you see, then let’s keep going! You fill out the inquiry form on the Contact page, I respond within a couple of hours (or minutes) because I’m that excited!! I send you an email with a lot of exclamation marks, we plan a day, meet for coffee, talk all the details and get so pumped!!

Step Two

Step Two

Then we finally create together, storytelling your life or your love. I cheer you on during your session, I dance with you at your reception, I become your biggest fan. These are your most important days, I understand that this is not about me or these photos, this is about your story, your love, your life. I’m going to capture each photograph with you in mind. This brings me so much joy and our time together is going to be a blast!

Step Three

Step Three

Next, I send you the photos, we both freak out, and we both end up falling in love with them. And it doesn’t stop there. We become such great friends in the process. You’re not just booking a vendor or someone to get the job done. You are booking a photographer who is your supporter, your encourager, and your friend, all in one.


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