What is your approach to photography?

Since I’m constantly in nature and am continually inspired by God’s creation, I thrive and feel so creative in the outdoors. The combination of people on a beautiful landscape fires me up the most. I am able to serve my clients best when they aren't worrying about shoes getting muddy, or if there are some hairs a little out of place. I get giddy thinking about photographing couples dancing on a rooftop, seniors twirling in a field, and families running on rolling hills. When you shoot with me, you are taking part in an adventure. I want to provide you with an experience and photos you'll truly cherish forever. If you are just looking for anyone with a camera and the title "Photographer", we may not be the best fit, and that is quite alright! I want your soul to be on fire about your experience and feel so excited about the adventure! To have photos you really love and cherish, you have to feel connected to your photographer's vision and mission. If you love the in-between moments and honest emotion, then what are you waiting for? Let's make some magic!

Do you photograph anything other than weddings, couples, seniors, and families?

I specialize in seniors, weddings, couples, and families! I’ve found that these are what I feel like I’m best and most creative at and are the types of shoots I can serve people best in!

What if we are far from you?

I am a local photographer in Liberty and Kansas City so the majority of my sessions are located within the KC Metro area. Contact me for pricing outside a 30-mile radius of Liberty.

How does payment work?

I require a non-refundable $50 deposit for senior, engagement, and family sessions, and a non-refundable $500 deposit for weddings when we book a day together and when you sign your contract. This secures your date and time on my calendar. The remaining amount of your total price will be due the day of your wedding or session with me. Easy peasy! (Payment can be paid through Venmo, Cash, or Check)

Why Kaylee Hoeflicker Photography?

The photography community is so saturated, it feels like everyone and their mother is a photographer. So why me? Yea most people can take a good photo, but not everyone has your story and heart in mind when taking your photograph. These photographs are your first look with your husband, your last photos before going to college, your tender moments with your loved ones; they are YOUR life. I’m taking photos for other people that they’ll cherish and have forever because I care so much about my clients. It's not about getting featured, becoming famous, or making as much money as I can. In fact, it's not about me at all. It's about showing seniors that they are beautiful. It's about letting couples be themselves and not forcing them to be anything else. It's about families being silly and together. It's about having your life captured honestly and with heart. It's about you.


When do we get our photos?

After your wedding day or any session with me, you can expect me to get really excited, edit a few, and send you a sneak peak within 72 hours! For a full wedding gallery, you can expect your photos within 4-5 weeks. For seniors, families, or engagement sessions, your photos will be delivered within 2-3 weeks.

Do you give out the raw or unedited photos?

Nope. Editing is so much a part of the creative process. Giving away raw photos would be giving you art that is halfway done. I promise to give you the best photos, and give you everything you’ll want or need! These are your memories! I won’t keep them for myself. (The only stuff I don't include in a gallery are blurry shots, people blinking, or immense duplicates, otherwise you're getting everythang!)

How many images do you give?

It varies for each type of session, but you can guarantee that I will capture your day honestly and thoroughly. I will not withhold any images from you. For any session that is not a wedding, you will get at least 50 photos, and for an eight hour wedding, you will get at least 500 photos. These aren’t cutoff numbers, as I don’t believe in those, and I will not make you pay to see the second half of your day. I’m shutter happy and you’ll be left with your day fully captured and then some.

What can I do with my photos?

Once I deliver your photos, you can share and print to your heart’s desire! I do ask that you credit me in any posting as your posts could lead to others getting to experience the magic as well! I also ask that you don’t edit over the photos in any way. Also, please, please, please print your photos! Don't invest in beautiful photographs for them to live as just your phone background or in a Facebook album. Print those pretty pics. There’s beauty in holding your memories. I'll provide a print release to ensure that happens!

What do we wear?

When you book with me, I can send you my “What to Wear Guide” that will answer any questions you have and help you pick out what you should wear! As always, I can help you personally and help you pick something that will photograph nicely as well as flatter you and showcase who you are!


For further questions, email me directly at creativekaylee@gmail.com