KC and Liberty Wedding and Senior Photography


Seniors  Package .01

Package .01

Around here, we do senior portraits differently than anyone else. I can promise you that your photos are going to be special, unique; something that will hold so much value and meaning. I am a good fit for you if you desire something different, photos that are truly unique to you, and want someone who cares so much about you, your experience, and your photos.

I strip away the uncomfortable poses, the bulky lighting set up, and anything that hinders your personality from shining through. I want you to know how beautiful you are and truly feel that. When you see your photos, hold them, share them, whatever you do with them - you are going to feel like a million bucks. Let’s make some magic together. 



- Up to Three Locations

- Up to Five Outfits

- Unlimited Photos

Couples & Engagements  Package .02

Couples & Engagements
Package .02


Your love is special. I want to capture who you and your love truly are. Capturing the intimate, the real moments, the silliness, the giddiness; that’s what sets my soul ablaze. Whether you feel most like yourself dancing on a rooftop, cuddling on a couch, or sipping drinks in a coffee shop, let’s capture your story with honesty.

I want you to remember the little glances of admiration from your love, the in-between moments, that giddy feeling; stuff otherwise overlooked. These are images that are going to make you feel.



- Up to Three Locations

- Up to Three Outfits

- Unlimited Photos

(Free with a Wedding)

Weddings  Package .03

Package .03

When you look at your wedding photos in the years to come, you want to remember how that day felt, not some posed, curated version of the day. When you look at your photographs, you want to find images full of emotion, intimate moments, memories with people who mean the most to you, images that were taken with your love story, your heart, in mind.

Finding a photographer that is going to serve you and capture your day with an eye to capture those glances of admiration, the tears from your loved ones, the hugs with friends, is so important. You want someone who is going to grow to know you and capture the day honestly. If you are looking for a photographer to document your day with this artistic, authentic approach, striving to capture how the day really felt, then I would be a great fit for you!



- Eight Hour Coverage

- Complimentary Engagement Session

- Two Face-to-Face Meetings

Add Ons:

More Hours: +$250 per hour

Second Shooter: +$400

Families  Package .04

Package .04

I love capturing a family exactly how they are, which I believe is filled with hugs, being silly, and true emotion. We are gonna run around and be crazy for a little bit, stripping all of the formalities. I'm not traditional, so come prepared to tickle each other and maybe even a dog pile, we are going to have fun here!

You are going to want to remember the belly laughs, joyful smiles, tight hugs, and the way your little ones hold on to you. These all lead to emotion and joy that will show in your photos, something that will make you feel and smile at, forever.



- One Location

- One Outfit

(Price Applies to Immediate Families Only)


ALL packages include my photography services AND the edited pictures provided digitally, in a professional photo sharing site.