Adventurous Engagement Session in Colorado Springs

We ventured out to Colorado Springs to spend some time in the red rocks of Garden of the Gods. It's always such a magical time being on the windy roads laced with the rocks below the mountains. It does something inside my body that just makes me feel content. Praise the Lord for His ultimate creativity which is the ultimate inspiration for my work. These images below are some of my most favorite yet. Glory be to God and His creation and His people. We hiked through Garden of the Gods, some Ice Castles, onto a frozen lake, and then back the next day for more red rocks but in the snow, and then onto Hellen Hunt Falls! What. A. Trip. Not only are the locations breathtaking but the two humans in them - they are something else. I love Zach and Taylor dearly. These images will forever be some of my favorites and something I’ll cherish forever.

 Play the song “Time to Run” below to dive into these photos with the best song that helps you feel the mood!