Adventurous Couples Session in Oregon

If you know my parents, you know the kindest hearts, the most humble servants, trustworthy friends, and people who will always show up. They constantly push me to show grace and love others always by showing me that same grace and love. They have been an incredible example of what it looks like to serve God in everything you do.

I've gotten to spend quite a lot of time with them in the past two years while living at home in college. I get asked all the time "So... when are you moving out?" Well when you're living with two of your best friends, that also still pay for your dinner, it's easy to say never. Don't worry dad I know I have to get out of here at some point ;)

Anyone that has known these two knows what it feels like to feel cherished and heard. It's been such a blessing to have them as parents, now friends. 

I take a lot of photos (duh) but I have never taken my parents on a photo shoot, and I wanted that to change on our trip to the PNW. 

So we made it happen. 

Under a waterfall. 

They got soaked.

Also a part of my plan ;)

These photos are special to me because they are of two of the greatest people I know. 

Here's to always taking photos that matter.