Free Spirit Senior Photos

I’ve gotten to sit in the backseat and watch Jae grow up. It’s been a special place to be to see this girl grow and learn who she is. She’s powerful; she’s got a personality that shines; she’s fully herself, not trying to be anything else; and while bold, she’s also gentle, observant, honest. From reading and learning, to knowing when the sunset will be best, to her singing voice; Jaeda is a true catch. I’ll never grow old of hearing her laugh, and how her voice tells a story, how in every conversation you hear her heart. For her senior photos, I wanted them to speak of all these qualities we all see in her. Her boldness, her gentleness, her love and joy for sunsets. So we did just that - bold photos in the city, gentle, poetic photos in the fields, and freedom and dancing photos among the sunset. What a gift it is to know this one.