Why Summer is the Best Time to Book a Session

I get it. It's hot. I know.

However, it's not bitter cold and everything is in bloom, which makes for such wonderful photos. Here's your last chance to get on my calendar before those trees turn bare and leaving your warm house sounds miserable. Here are the reasons why summer is the best time to book!


More Chances to Get on My Calendar


I have the most availability in the summer, and most of the time, so do you! There's a better chance to get your session scheduled without feeling like you are squeezing it in. You also are not fighting the popular months of October and November, leaving you more options and dates to choose from for your session!


It Looks Like Spring Now, NOT in “Spring”


If you are a senior, and you want your photos to look like you took them in the spring, take them starting now through September! If you wait until stuff is in bloom, you will be waiting until the end of April, at the earliest! This might leave you feeling rushed to get your photos in and having that rushed feeling right around all the graduation festivities isn't ideal. Help yourself out and schedule them now! Spring is basically non-existent here in Missouri. The months of March and even early April leave you with dead grass and bare trees, aka NOT spring. Fake it with a September shoot! Also, those wildflowers you see now didn't bloom until mid-June, so if you want your photos to have them, time to book now!


Longer Days, More Time for Photos!


The light lasts longer in the day so working around schedules is easier as we can shoot later in the day. I take all my photos around golden hour, which is close to 7:00 PM these days, giving you pretty light, cooler temperatures, and more flexibility in your schedule. Starting in the next couple of months, it will start getting dark around 5:00 leaving us with less daylight, which makes it harder to plan. Let's take advantage of our longer days!


So now you know some secrets about this season!

My summer schedule is almost completely full so if you want that summery magic, inquire below!


(Keep in mind this is for my friends that want green leaves, wildflower fields, and that bright summer sun.

If you want the fall look… be on the lookout for some more information in the coming weeks about my schedule and the best time for those orange leaves; it may surprise you when the best dates are! Last year I was completely booked for the entirety of the year by the end of September, so if you want to get on my calendar in 2019, be sure to keep those eyes open so you don't lose the chance!)