Seven Products to Beat the Winter Blues

I am a summer girl through and through, which makes these months of thirty degree weather and no color, very… bleh.During this time, my skin starts to feel very sad as well. All the symptoms of winter are shown right on my face. GREAT.

Here’s how I deal with this dry season and still keep that July glow on my face. :)

I have seven basic products to make your skin look like you actually drink enough water and that you do yoga every morning. Which I don’t. Here’s what can help you achieve that tho ;)


Glossier Super Bounce

This product has been my holy grail this season. I put it on every night before bed and I wake up and I’m shook. No more flaky skin.


Glossier Priming Moisturizer

This moisturizer soaks up into my skin and has been a staple in my skin care routine for the past year. I’m on my fourth one right now and I will continue to buy for the rest of my days.


Weleda Skin Food

If you take one thing from this post, let it be this product. It’s healing, it’s comforting, it’s a life saver. Weleda is known for super hydrating products especially their skin food line. This was a sample I got, not knowing how much this little guy would change my skin.


Glossier Balm Dotcom

I discovered Glossier a year ago and you can tell I love their brand a whole lot (obviously). Their balm dot com is such a beautiful creation, and I make sure to always have one on me. Coconut is my favorite but the other flavors are bomb too (pun not intended).


Frank Body Illuminator

The literal tag line on this product is “Dab, blend, brag.” My skin is gleamin’ (oh hey Ariana). This highlighter stays reflecting all day and is just the best “lit from within” look.


Glossier Cloud Paint

This blush named Dawn is my favorite. It might look like Dorito dust on your face at first but blend it for a bit and BAM you just got back from the Caribbean.


Frank Body Magic Shimmer Oil

The prettiest glow. It’s truly magical and you need it. That’s all.


This stuff truly works friends. I just walked downstairs and my dad said, “You look shiny,” to which I asked, “Is it good?” He said in reply, “Ya it’s like a summer glow.” Glad dad is on brand for today. :)


Winter skin? Oh, we don’t know her.

Happy skin truly does bring confidence.

Go shine babes.

Buy with this link and get 10% off at Glossier! Go treat yourself. You deserve it.

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